October 18, 2011

kaye + mahaila in Berlin

mahaila made items: 
Kaye's 1/2 circle skirt and mahaila's pencil skirt

This was our second shoot together! The first being in Australia (here) and the second being in Berlin. Kaye visited us for a whirl wind 2 weeks... where unfortunately the weather was not all that fantastic, so we were fairly unmotivated to take photos whilst exploring the city.On one of the last days we made our way to one of the many green spaces here in Berlin for the shoot.

I teamed my chequered pencil skirt (previously blogged here) with a secondhand Humana blouse, which has actually been home sewn. I love finding these handmade treasures:)
Kaye's 1/2 full length circle skirt (you can also make this with this tutorial) is made of silk chiffon. Silk chiffon can be difficult to work with and you will need to hang the skirt before hemming to check the fall. For this particular skirt you need at least 2.5 metres of fabric with 150m bolt length.

I had been dying to have a shoot with mahaila while I was in Berlin. We hadn’t done one together in so long!
Mahaila had made this circle skirt for me after I sent her a pic of a maxi skirt earlier this year. She fitted the skirt while I was in Berlin and I had a wonderful present to take back home. The flowy chiffon and pretty floral print is really something special.
I didn’t have much in my suitcase so I couldn’t style it quite the way I wanted to. When the weather gets a little warmer in Perth, I’ll be able to wear it exactly how I want, sky scraping heels and all!

Photography Michael Dooney 


  1. Oh such a magical post, you girls look amazing!
    So nice to see you both in the same post, hope you girls had a ball xo

  2. I love this - love the way the two so-different skirts go with your looks and somehow it all harmonises in the forest!

    Just found your blog thanks to Mahaila's comment on mine... I love the idea of a blog made between two women on opposite sides of the globe (and how magical to have posts where we see you both together!)

  3. Hello, thankyou to Mahaila for our comment on my photos. To answer, i use a Nikon D3100 which i just got a few months ago and a learning...i do whack up the iso for band photos i thik i just need to get them to 'stage' it ie stand flipping still for a few minutes so i can get a shot hahaha
    love your blog btw x

  4. This looks like it was so much fun! The two of you look so different, but in these pictures you can see a resemblance. Biology is funny like that!

  5. gorgeous. love your fearless print mixing!

  6. you two took some beautiful shots together!

  7. love love love both the skirts! beautiful.

  8. You both look lovely with your outfit. We love the skirts. The prints add a feminine touch to your outfits.

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  9. very beautiful pics! love it!

    if you have time pleas visit my blog and become a friend if you want :) thanks

    XO Carmen,

  10. beautiful shots! the outfits are amazing too!!

  11. you two look enchanted!!! wow!!! you got beautiful outfits!! love your pictures.. enjoyed your blog..following you now...hope you culd visit my blog too...kissess!!!


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  12. Really lovely looks and photos! xx

  13. very cute! LOVEEE xx


  14. The digi-print looks awesome mixed with the checkered print skirt. Great looks.


  15. Such wonderfull photo's! really love the floral skirt x

  16. lovely photos, you 2 look like fairies in the forest, like this magical feel!



  17. you girls look gorgeous! love the photos!


  18. Great photo's, love the flower printed skirt!

  19. What beautiful photos! That maxi skirt is amazing- I thought it was a stylestalker one but clearly mahaila's creations>stylestalker haha!

    I bet you're like "ughhh" to be back home, understandably.

    xx S

  20. Oh what a cute shoot. And the prints on both your clothes are lovely.

  21. I'm not pretty sure which outfit is my favorite haha! :) love both and the location is amazing!


    Have a great weekend :)


  22. that's really fun to do a photo shoot together. mahaila i love your home sewn blouse! amazing find!!