October 28, 2011

In the Croatian hills.....

Continuing with our trip through Croatia.....................
From the city, to the coast to the hills. As we drove through Croatia there were a variety of traditional foods to try, beautiful scenery and wonderful locals. On one of our last days in Croatia we made our way through the hills to the stunningly beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park. Unfortunately the continual rain put a little bit of a dampener on the whole experience, but I am glad that we took our poncho's! On our way back we were feeling quite cold and wet (yes it was meant to be summer!) and we stopped off at one of the roadside restaurants. Something that you can not miss in Croatia are the outdoor rotating spits. You can generally spot a little shed with smoke coming out of it with a picture (photo or drawing) nearby of a pig and a lamb on spits. We are not particularly big meat eaters and it was not all that nice to see these animals being cooked on the spit.... but at the same time I feel that slabs of meat displayed in plastic packaging isn't any different....anyway getting back to the Croatia trip. We had a lovely meal in the restaurant and it further validated that the Croatians really know how to make good quality food! These photos were taken around the restaurant, luckily enough, the sun come out a little:)

This is a skirt that I make when I feel like sewing something simple. I am currently putting together a tutorial regarding these types of skirts.... so keep watching this space! I was actually trying to create a 1940's inspired silhouette, but it didn't quite work out so I will have to add more volume and make the waistband a little tighter for the next trial. 


  1. absolutely amazing photos! the snail photo is so cute<3

  2. I adore your skirt, the style of it is lovely and even though you say it didn't work, I would still consider it to be quite 1940's! :)

  3. I like the snail photo too!! You're so gross!! Since Im loving my tartan stuff at the moment I can think of a few different ways I want to wear that skirt!!!

  4. Your definitely good in making your own dress. And that skirt is so lovely. You look great with it. You just did a nice job!

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  5. Hi there... I have followed your circle skirt tutorial (bit ambitious for me as I used a remnant of silk!). I'm just inserting the invisible zipper.

    Can't wait for another skirt tutorial! Thanks.

  6. hi Jo. the tutorial should be be up soon:) Good luck with your circle skirt!

  7. You should make a petticoat to wear underneath if you want more volume...then it would really be 1940s!