July 29, 2011

Burdatyle high waisted shorts + art

Photography Michael Dooney 

The shorts
I made these high waisted shorts from the Burdastyle Easy magazine. My poor German language skills ensured that there were a few mishaps along the way. After tracing and cutting the pattern pieces and fabric I pinned the shorts together to check the fit. I had great difficulty trying to squeeze into the shorts and decided to add lace panels to the sides of the shorts. Amazingly the panels solved the sizing problem and I later found out from my German sewing friends that these mags don't include the seam allowance. Once again I have learnt 2 lessons the hard way. Always add your seam allowance for the Burdastyle magazine patterns and for goodness sake work on your German language skills mahaila!
The earrings 
If you look closely you can see my Pacman earrings. My friend E bought them for my birthday. I love them, they're so cute!

Berlin + Art
On this particular 'Burdastyle striped shorts wearing weekend' we visited some galleries for the Gallery weekend - Berlin. I seem to have developed a love/hate relationship with the art world. I find myself incredibly inspired one minute and then completely uninspired the next. One piece which triumphed head and shoulders above the rest was the interactive installation by Tim Noble and Sue Webster named Turning the seventh corner. I felt anxious as I followed the dark passage around several dimly lit corners. This anxious feeling soon shifted to intrigue as we turned the seventh corner and found the light and shadow sculpture. I found this such an interesting piece as it was so simple yet complex at the same time. Love it!


Tim Noble and Sue Webster - Turning the seventh corner.


  1. You made those?! They are so beautiful and they fit you perfectly! That was really smart to add in the lace :) You are so talented!

  2. Thanks so much for the tip!! I love these shorts so much - the style and fabric are gorgeous. I actually think the lace makes them look even better:)). Well sorted out:) xo

  3. Nice save with the lace! I sewed my first pair of BS shorts this summer, too, but I like yours better. (A friend reminded me about adding seam allowances or else mine would have also been painfully small.)

  4. great pants!


  5. I am so impressed with your sewing skills! I love the high waist and the stripes. So perfect for the summer. I need to try my hand at sewing more often. xx

  6. ahhh so nice! the shorts are wonderful! i love them a lot.

  7. I love these shorts & the fabric you chose. I've been looking for a pattern for high waisted shorts for a long time. Can you tell me which edition of Burda Style magazine the pattern came from?

  8. To answer Kaela's question: the pattern is from Burdastyle Easy mag Frulings/sommer 2011.

  9. these pictures are wonderful!