August 06, 2011

Circle skirts are on my mind

First of all I must apologise for our poor posting performance for the last week. Kaye has made her way from wintery Perth to the 'summery' (though the rain and lack of sun would suggest otherwise) streets of Berlin! YAY! We are in the same country again! We have spent the last week dancing, drinking, eating, window shopping, walking, cycling, photographing, grilling, sight seeing and boating with very little sleep! Kaye and I will be posting some of our German adventures soon. 

CIRCLE SKIRT and blouse
Lately I have been experimenting with the different circumferences and fabric grain lines of circle skirts. It all began a few years ago when my grandmother told my the full circle skirt formula. This particular skirt that I am sporting in these pictures is a half circle skirt. I will be sharing my adventures in a number of tutorials... so watch this space! The blouse is actually from the DDR times and I found it in a second hand store. I like the silhouette of the blouse, particularly the sleeves. 

The white fluff that you can see in these photos is actually from a particular type of tree in Germany. It is quite magical when the seeds fall from the trees, it is reminiscent of snow. You can hear all of the kids on the streets saying 'guck mal mama, schnee!' Though it can get a bit annoying when you breath them in... not too pleasant. 

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. you found the perfect scenery for this delicate outfit! and wow there'll be tutorials - can't wait!

  2. amazing outfit. perfect shoot location for the outfit! xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  3. These photos are so lovely! I love circle skirts- perfect for twirling!

    So glad that you girls are reunited!

  4. the photos turned out amazing. there was a circle skirt on project runway last week and they are so flirty and perfect for summer time.

  5. Cute dress