August 18, 2011

Contoured bodice with more circles

The Germans are certainly not shy when it comes to supporting their local community. It is often that you will find yourself stumbling across a protest in one form or another. 

A while back we attended the community organised protest which supported the preservation of the very popular Berlin street, Kastanienallee. The council is pushing to widen the street which means all of the chestnut trees will disappear and in turn lose some of the character of the area. The protest consisted of; street side stalls, live music, performances, eating and drinking, children drawing with chalk on the roads and people enjoying the general 'buzz' of the event. And to add to all of the excitement Peaches was playing for free! Unfortunately we couldn't attend the Peaches performance.... still regretting that! We took the last few shots in our fav Berlin park Friedrichshain Volkspark.

I made this little black dress using the contoured bodice technique. There are still a few adjustments that I need to make with my pattern (e.g. further decrease above the bust) but I am glad I got this one dress completed. I have had contouring on my 'to do' list for a while and have a few more dresses in mind. The skirt is a half circle skirt.... yes again with the circle skirts. I am obsessed! .. oh and stay tuned for my circle skirt tutorials (I assure you I will complete this soon... just need a few more hours in my day:) )

I purchased this blouse from a second hand store in the DDR section. I love finding DDR treasures. Learning about Berlin's history makes second hand shopping all the more exciting! 

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. i love the outfit!! so old-fashioned and gorgeous! :):) really nice!

  2. great work mahaila, love the photos tooo!

  3. Wow, that is a really cute look! You did a great job with the dress! And it sounds like a great community to live in. I hope they were successful in their mission to save the chestnut trees!