August 25, 2011

playsuit/romper.....CUT mag #5

Do you ever get the feeling that you are speaking another language? .... OK yes I am currently residing in a foreign land and I literally speak (well try to) a foreign language daily. I am referring more to those moments during a conversation amongst friends when you realise that nobody has ANY idea what you are womping on about. I bring this fact up during this post as I experienced this whilst attempting to explain what this outfit actually was. 

The incident went a little like this: 
I had just finished helping a friend paint her house and she had realised that some paint had made it's way through my protective painting shirt and onto my outfit and my friend said......
"oh look there is a little paint on your...... red top short thingo". 
I then responded with an explanation, "well actually it is a romper or you could also call it a playsuit. It's not actually a jumpsuit because......" 
The stares of confusion convinced me to change the topic...quickly. 

Has this ever happened to you? When you are realise that you have a distinct group of friends/family who certainly do not share an interest in fashion/sewing?

I made this playsuit/romper from the pattern in the German sewing mag CUT #5. I was very excited when I saw this playsuit pattern in this edition and couldn't wait to have a go. I had this fabric in my stash and I think it worked really well. The antique buttons were purchased at the local markets.

On a side note. As an Australian, I find it interesting that the Germans like to transport fake beaches into their cities. As you can see from the photos we stumbled across a volleyball beach where people were enjoying the sun with their family and friends. I suppose that we are so lucky in Aus that we take our beautiful coastline and great weather for granted. Living in another country can sometimes make you appreciate what you have back at home:) 


  1. I'm not good with this terms in any language:)) But I like it that way, I feel like it gives me more freedom if I don't know how to call what I'm working on:)) part ... design is really nice:)


  2. Hey! Thanks for you comment on Burdastyle. I adore the playsuit. The buttons are amazing. I'm so jealous, you must be able to find so much cool stuff in Berlin.

    I also love your half circle skirts. A cool thing you can do with circle skirts is to not put the waist in the exact centre and you get a cool effect with the hem. Actually that might be my next project...

  3. Its a such a nice & relaxing outfit

    xx Ginger

  4. Hehehe, well, no matter what it she calls it, I'm sure she still thought it was super cute! I love rompers. I actually just bought a pattern for one, which maybe wasn't the best idea, since fall is right around the corner. But there's always next year!

  5. you made that???? that is absolutely gorgeous and fun!! you're so talented! totally following you now! thanks for dropping by and entering the giveaway too!

  6. SO cute! i really want to try sewing some more.

    thanks for stopping by the blog! do come again soon!

  7. thats a wicked cute playsuit. You have some seriously awesome sewing skills.

  8. I've never actually run into that problem before, but I'm sure it would make me feel like I'm speaking a different language too! Either way, it's super cute! ^^

  9. that jumper is adorable, and you look great in red. it just goes with your coloring!

  10. Such a cute romper! I have many friends to who a skirt is a skirt (A-line, mini, midi or maxi) a T-shirt is a T-shirt (what is "cropped"?" and a jeans is a jeans (straight, skinny, bootcut, cuffed?). They're all not that into these things :) x

  11. The color and print of your playsuit are great! Yeah, I sometimes comment on clothing details while out shopping with friends or family, and I think I sound like a fashion snob or something. But hey, I read about and describe clothing for a living, so of course I'm going to use those words!

  12. I probably would have some friends who wouldn't know what a romper was they too would just call it that. You did such a good job making this. I wanted to try to make one of my own but I guess I can attempt to making it next spring.

    PS thanks fo rstopping by my blog.


  13. veryy talented very cute romper!!

  14. Beautiful blog <3

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    And beautiful outfit !!

  15. Haha, I know what you mean. Yesterday in the dressing room of a store I hear a female employee as her male coworker what a tunic is, he replied it's like a turtleneck. I just had to correct him!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair