July 26, 2011

Berlin Fashion Week 2011: Fashion Blogger Cafe

Christoph: The Glass Punk! and SKIR

It might be a bit late for a Berlin Fashion Week round up, but since this post isn't exclusively referring to the event, I think it should be fine. I am also filling in for Mahaila on this post, she will have updates soon from our recent trip through Croatia.

When Fashion Week makes its glamorous and alluring presence known on any city landscape, the advertising is as much about promoting the event as it is heightening its exclusivity. As many of you I am sure would have quickly learnt, Fashion Week is largely for the fashion industry. Although you see the posters in the street, and read about it in various magazines, this is as close as most regular people get.

For the second time at Berlin Fashion Week and the first time in the Summer instalment; the Fashion Bloggers Cafe was organised to recognise the influence of the fashion enthusiasts, aspiring designers, models and stylists who are making their voice heard online.

Conveniently at time the Fashion Week was taking place, I was attending a workshop to get out of my photographic comfort zone. The Fashion Blogger event was a great opportunity to meet some of the other active bloggers here in Berlin.

Thanks to everyone who took the time for a portrait. Included under each image is a link to their blog, I encourage everyone to check out their writing. The people from Style Ranking were also snapping the fashion bloggers as they entered the event. Some how I also made it on to their page.

Cindy: IWOASIS and Anna: Bildhübsch

Mr Soul (left): Diaries of Undecided Soul


Christoph: The Glass Punk! and SKIR

Images and Text: Michael Dooney


  1. I love this photo of Christoph from The Glass Punk! Really fantastic portrait!

  2. Great photos!

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