June 22, 2011

Hurricane festival!....the rain and the wind


 As Aussies we are used to festivals being very hot and summery.  Last weekend our German festival experience proved otherwise. We spent a few rainy and cold days at the Hurricane festival.We were extremely ill prepared. No Gum boots, no poncho and little cold/wet weather gear. How silly!!! It is incredibly hilarious how fashion goes out the window when your survival instincts kick in. The rubbish bag was my number 1 garment for the weekend. I made my rubbish bag into a very unfashionable raincoat with a hoodie. 
Upon arriving at 10 in the morning, we witnessed MANY drunken people walking through the camp site with beer cans in their hands. 'It's a bit early, isn't it?' we thought, well apparently it is never too early for a beer. Throughout the entire festival there were people at all hours of the day drinking. By the end of the festival many of the men seemed to regress to a Neanderthal like state. Smashing and hitting anything they could get their grubby hands on. Tents, pavilions, sleeping bags, food. We even found some burnt out gas bottles. I am surprised nothing exploded! So it all progressed into something quite grotty.

BUT to the most important thing, THE MUSIC! 
Some great performances worth a mention were Arcade Fire, Suede, the Klaxons, Elbow, Portishead.

My 2 favourites were Warpaint and The Kills! Have a listen!

Warpaint play psychodelic like rock with sweet sweet! voices.

The Kills certainly put on a good show and are incredible performers. You can't your eyes off them and there are only 2 of them!


We have 2 more festivals to go to this summer. So stay tuned for those adventures! 


  1. I LOVE The Kills! That is so great you got to see them and the crazy rain didn't get in the way. Music festivals are my favorite thing about summer :)

    And by the way, I am amazingly impressed at your trash bag raincoat with hoodie! You should be on Project Runway with all that ingenuity!

  2. hehe that photo of you in the rubbish bag is funny. Why on earth didnt you guys pack wet weather stuff?? And your wearing ballet flats instead of your docs! Why didn't you have warmer footwear? Gosh, youre funny.

  3. lol, I love the makeshift raincoats, somehow you guys pull it off and make it look fashionable and edgy

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