June 06, 2011

CUT mag 4 dress! + Berlin parks


The other weekend we took the tram north up to Prenzlauerberg Volkspark to take these photos. It was an interesting park and it definitely had a strange feeling about it. This visit further clarified that Volkspark Friedrichshain is our favourite park in Berlin. It is well maintained, there are numerous sporting areas (we spend WAY too many hours playing table tennis there!), you can lay for hours in the sun, have grills and visit the fairytale fountain.
However one thing that many of these parks have in common are the some what out of place high hills. To the casual observer these hills are great for fitness and there is always a fantastic view, however there is a history to these artificial hills. These hills are in fact piles of rubble or Schuttberg. After WW2 rubble was transported to these park areas and built up to create these high points. Berlin is so full of history and it is incredibly easy to walk around completely oblivious to it all. Naturally, the more we explore the city the more insight we gain. 

This dress is a pattern from CUT magazine number 4 (CUT is a german sewing mag that you can get here). The skirt section (with the houses on it) is made out of a curtains and the striped material on the bodice is from the markets. I do like to silhouette of the dress, it is definitely a cute day time dress.  

Photos: Michael Dooney 


  1. I love the houses on the skirt! This has been added to my "Wear While in Germany" pile.

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  3. EL VESTIDO! THE DRESS! I think I´m in loooove! I just know I´m gonna start getting all obssesive about it now!

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