April 29, 2011

My favourite Australian fashion mags

I am not one to buy magazines often, however on my trip back to Aus I realised that I missed some of our mags. So I thought that I would share my thoughts regarding some of my favourite Aus mags.

Frankie has been one of my favourite mags for a while now. Music, art, craft, fashion, interviews, recipes, local random ramblings, what more could you want? I even like the small advertisements in it, where you can read about some local and international products/designs.  It is definitely one of those magazines that you read from  cover to cover. There is one section which reviews products/books/anything really (the May/June 2011 reviews winter beer). I often test out these reviews and try out things that I would not have ordinarily tried.   
PLUS! Lucky me, thanks to my family my Christmas present was a years subscription to Frankie which is sent all the way to Berlin. My bi-monthly Aussie treat.

To be honest, I looked at Yen a few years back and didn't think much of it. However this last Christmas I had a flick through and liked what I saw. I suppose that it has a similar format to Frankie in the sense that it focuses on a number of different areas e.g. fashion, art, music, interviews, local produce etc. I like how the mag flows in a logical sequence (it must be the science side of my brain kicking in, the need for a little structure)

Peppermint is an eco fashion mag. It is released quarterly and has a focus on green fashion and ethical production/purchasing. I love to read the stories about the people who are taking that step forward in fashion and I am always inspired by the fashions. I just found that they have some free downloadable patterns here on their website(I might make that dress). Kaye and I have actually filled a page in this mag too! (I promise to share soon!)

So that is my brief Aussie mag review. I will share my thoughts on some German mags soon too! (though with a language barrier edge)

Can anyone recommend a magazine that they treasure???


  1. I dont really treasure any mags, but Peppermint is very close to my heart (for a reason only you know, we really need to share it on the blog soon!) Have u got any Frankie issues from our prezzie yet???

  2. I don't often read magazines but if I had to choose one it'd be cosmopolitan.



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