April 19, 2011

it's spring! with a cut out back

As usual, the other weekend we set out to explore a part of Berlin which we had not yet visited. This time we caught the train up to the Observatory. There was one particular aspect of the day that we were very excited about. Michael had a different camera to try out. He hired a Mamiya RB67. This camera does produce some nice images, but as expected it was very heavy. So it is not ideal for travelling. 

Another factor to be excited about is the Spring weather! I know that I keep referring to the weather here in Europe, but it effects everyone's happiness levels. The city is transformed. There are flowers popping up in unexpected places. People are laughing and smiling on the streets. The parks are populated with people jogging, playing table tennis, soccer and of course drinking beers with the hazy smoke from a grill. Everything just seems more alive.      
Three design features that I have been thinking about lately include; a cut out back; block colours; and fabric manipulation through tucking. I tried to incorporate these three elements into this dress. I was quite happy with how simple the cut out back was to achieve. I am a fan of garments which feature the back so I will be making more of these! The tucking (you can just see it on the black waist band) is time consuming but worth it. All in all I am not too happy with how it turned out, but I learnt a bit from the design and construction processes. 

Photos: Michael Dooney (except for the last one, taken by me!)


  1. how can you not be happy with how it turned out?! The back is awesome and the colour blocking is done really nicely. I'd wear it in a heart beat... in fact I will.

  2. Soooooo cute!
    Lovely blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  3. That dress is amazing in my eyes! The cutout back is just perfect. More!

  4. the dress is lovely, can you share the pattern?