April 12, 2011

Mochimochi exhibition ... plus some of my little knitted toys


Last week the Pictoplasma festival welcomed many crazy little critters from across the world. I was excited to see one particular artist, Anna Hrachovec, from Mochimochi land. I really love her crazy knitting ideas and creations AND she knitted these in a period of 2 months. She really is a pro! I was definitely star struck speaking to her and I hope that she continues to produce more and more wonderful creatures. She has a book which features a number of her patterns and you can also buy them individually from her website shop. There are also some free knitting patterns on her blog. I have made the hearts and plan on making some little hanging bats too! What an inspirational knitter she is!


Last year I jumped on the toy knitting bandwagon to knit some little creatures myself (this was a warm up before my impossible shorts project). I love that I learn something new about knitting every time I knit a new little toy.  Most of the projects that I have knitted are from Knitted Toy box she definitely has some very nice little creatures. 
My next project (which will take a while) is a 1930's swim suite. I hope I can pull this one off! fingers crossed!

3. Milk and biscuit by Knitted toy box
4. Michael's Milk carton camera case 
5. Little turtle 
6. Hearts


  1. YAY! I love all things knitted. Her creation are so amazing. I love that giant ball of wool in the first pic!! That's talent!
    ps. can you please send me a knitted love heart? Thanks

  2. they are all so seriously cute! and it's so much fun making them isn't it? I have a knitted Chrismas tree in my projects, surely wishing I get to experiment some more in the future! But now in the land of forever heat (India) I don't feel inclined to knit!:(

  3. I know what you mean, perhaps that is why I started knitting again in Europe. It is certainly cold enough!

  4. How long did it take you to knit them - say the gnome?
    My grandma taught me once and of course I have forgotten it now, but I have been growing more and more inclined to pick up the needles as all these new artists push the medium. What fantastic gifts they make too!

    Are the patterns/instructions for these on line?

    Ginger xx

  5. Heya Ginger! Yeah, I have sent these little fellows as gifts all over the world, very light and post friendly! I have linked to all of the patterns on the post, so just click on the one's you are interested in. The gnome only takes a few hours to make. He is pretty simple. I added some shoes and a smile. I think you should definitely pick up the needles again, I find it a relaxing exercise! (unless your trying to design something, then it gets stressful). Good Luck!

  6. Wow! amazing exhibition! hehe knitted planets. You know your pieces are just as amazing... the milk cartons are genius! And the mushroom, another favourite of mine <3