April 22, 2011

forks and spoons

It's no secret that I am obsessed with rings. I love finding new and interesting pieces to add to my collection. On one of her recent craft show visits, my mum found two rings for me... they are both made from cutlery! Naturally I turned to my trusty ring bible... Etsy!!! Just like my crystal bullet necklace, there are heaps of different sellers, each with a different price range.

Fork Rings


Spoon Rings


Get these ones here and here

I told all of my friends about my new and intriguing discovery. My bubble was burst when somebody told me that these were around in the 1960's and is certainly nothing new. Having said that, I love how fashions never disappear. Younger generations can wear and love the same trends that women had decades ago.

Can you guess which of my rings are made of cutlery?


Kaye xx


  1. Wowiee how can I resist these gorge rings...... love them
    x funkydoris.blogspot.com

  2. I spy 3 pieces of cutlery. Is that right??? HAPPY EASTER!

  3. No! only two pieces :) A fork on my thumb and a spoon on my middle finger. Happy Easter!! Mum gave me a cherry ripe egg... I dont like that Cadbury discontinued the Crunchy bunny because now I'm stuck with your crappy choice in chocolate.