March 13, 2011

Good old Fremantle

Good old Freo.... having grown up in Fremantle, I can't help but love the place. The general laid back community feeling, the fact that you can walk around with bare feet without receiving strange looks (not that I have) is what Freo is all about. The best of Freo is not immediately apparent. You really need to step away from the cappuccino strip to find great food, coffee, fashion and entertainment. 

For me the best cafe in town is Aubergine in South Fremantle. The coffee is wonderful and the food is really nice. I love to sit outside with my coffee and home made muffin. Yum! If I am in the middle of Fremantle I would generally head to Angels Cafe on Essex street. It is a nice quiet, relaxed place. Gino's is one of the better coffee places on the strip, but I find them too inconsistent to give them a good reference. 
One of my favourite streets is High street. I love visiting the fashion boutiques Hustle and Love in Tokyo  . Loop has some nice jewellery, particularly for men. The New Edition Bookshop is my favourite shop in Fremantle. It has the best selection of classics. Strangely there is a fashion store called fi & co  located inside the bookshop. I find this concept kind of weird, but I do love the vintage pieces and jewellery in this store.

Market street is worth a look for fashion. There are a number of shoe stores, little boutiques and some more established boutiques such as Subway DC and Billie and Rose.

You definitely can not go past Little Creatures. It is one of my favourite pubs! I love going there in summer and having a wonderful beer in the sun. Love it! Other pubs in Freo which are nice for a beer are Clancy's Fish Pub, the Norfolk, and the Mad Monk. If you like seeing local and international bands the Swan basement, the Fremantle Arts Centre, Mojo's and the Norfolk basement are worth a visit. 

I used to buy items of clothing off ebay and this top is one of them. I minimised the ruffles, as I felt a little too puffy in it. I do love this top, it is one of my favourites. I made the shorts to match a top which I previously blogged here.

Photos: Michael Dooney


  1. Hi there darling! lovely post! ebay is great to buy clothes:) i love the top anyway! and the headband is just too cute:) you look great:)we're hosting a GIVEAWAY on our blog by the way! Come and take a look:) Participate if you like! It's open to everyones:)

    Farah @ FashionFabrice.

    Have a FABULOUS day:)

  2. I miss it! I always seemed to do all of my "going out" in Freo. It just happened to feel more like home. The people are great, the food is great, and the drive down from Mt Lawley while listening to 80s rock was always fun. The New Edition book store! Uh, I lugged home a big hard cover Art of Maurice Sendak book from there one day. I love it. Mojo's. Seriously, all of the sweet good looking guys in Perth are in Freo. Cheers for the post!

  3. So cute! Its very Gidget.


  4. I like the frills on the top and the pictures are gorgeous!