March 03, 2011

Abbey Lee and Portmans


So did anyone else know that Abbey Lee was doing Portmans? Somehow, this just doesn't sit right with me. Her work on the Mania Mania campaign was insane, I love her personal sense of style, and she is one of my favourite models.. I guess I just never pictured her doing Portmans. This is a place where I buy clothes for work - where I have to look professional and somewhat boring. As much as I believe that it's possible to find great pieces in unexpected places, it's just not one of my favourite places to shop.

But hey, style is all about the way you wear the clothes. Who knows, maybe I'll be tempted and find myself sporting some kind of chiffon paisley number styled with some artful print clashing.... or a sateen sharp-shouldered blazer contrasted with leather pants and a killer wedge.... and hey, that shearling leather jacket is a nice take on the ol' Burberry trend. Maybe Abbey Lee has inspired me to think outside the box!

Kaye xx

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