March 22, 2011

Oh no.... it's getting to "boot" season....


Shit shit shit shit shit......... its getting to that time of year. That time of the year when all I see is boots. Must.... save.... for ..... Europe.

I think this guy is a nice change to the black leather and silver studded version that we have all seen a few times. 
Get the Warrior here


  1. Ha ha ha, I am in the same mindset exactly. It's getting to be new boots and winter jacket season, but must hold all spending to save for Europe trip... bonus being that there will be different things to lust after and shop for over there!

  2. in the US we're just phasing out of the winter stage but this makes me long for boots all over the color and the studs. they're so pretty and tough.

    ps, kaye, we have the same name!

  3. I've been looking for more boots to wear for when I begins to rain. I've had a hard time but these ones you posted are lovely.

  4. would you like to follow me?i follow you!great job!