March 06, 2011

when I can't be bothered

I often have this urge just to make something. Something quick, easy, patternless, no drafting and not much thought required. This top is a good example of that. I made it on my well loved Aus dressmaking doll which has recently received a much needed make over (thanks dad!). She is in good health at the moment, though perhaps she needs a work out from Kaye whilst I am away in Berlin.... does that sound like a challenge????? So, this top is made from a scarf (which has lived in my fabric stash for a while and really needed to see the sun!). It is a quick simple strapless top with some pleating at the front. 

And yes, you probably spotted it. These photos are taken at Southbound 2011 at the start of the year. It was an extremely hot day (perhaps you can see from the second photo, a sprinkler tent), it was 40 degrees plus.. but as an Aussie (and an over enthused music lover) very hot days + music = a typical summer festival day. For me, Southbound this year was quite disappointing. I was so excited about seeing Cold War Kids, but they were quite formulated and uninspiring. The highlight of my day was bumping into people that I had not seen for a while... including the fantastically talented musician Miss Claire Hollingsworth who never ceases to amaze me with her intellect, uniqueness and quirkiness. So unfortunately thumbs down to the musical Southbound experience... thumbs up to the people who love music!

Photos: Michael Dooney


  1. i love that you rock homemade so much. inspirational :)

  2. That's so sad about the cold war kids. I have wanted to see them for a while and i would have been upset also.
    My last festival experience was below average as well. Bring back the music love i say !!

  3. I like this outfit with the cute little hat in the second last shot :) And a top made out of a scarf is a great idea!

  4. Loving your blog girls! great idea.
    it's always nice to see people doing something a little different.
    following you!