March 29, 2011

it was winter......

I am so happy to say 'Winter is officially over!' YAY! I find it difficult in the wintery months. The snow, the cold, not seeing the sun for months, trying to jog on snow and ice, train delays.......... and the list goes on, but I must say I am grateful to have experienced a number of German winters. I love the gluwein at the extremely corny Christmas markets, making snowmen, having snowball fights, playing soccer on snow, seeing the kids in onesy's and on sleds. One particular winter related thing which intrigued me this year was the trail of dead discarded Christmas trees which lined the streets. 'Why would people leave their Christmas trees on the streets?' I thought. 'it's so sad'. So, I asked one of my german friends about this strange occurrence and she told me that one thing she loved about the aftermath of Christmas was pushing the tree out of the window. 'It's a good feelings, it's satisfying'. So this explained why I was seeing random trees all over the street. I think it is very sad. All those poor trees thrown out of the window, only to live their last fews days next to the grotty black, polluted, cigarette butt and poo infested old snow. boo hoo. Plastic trees which fold up neatly into a box is my kind of  Christmas tree.

The photos:
Strolling through Friedrichshain on a wintery Sunday afternoon inevitably results in a visit to the Boxhagener platz flohmarkt. These are one of my favourite markets in Berlin where you can generally find some treasure. You also can't help but visit Burgeramt for a very yummy Mediterranean burger. This is the BEST burger in Berlin. We have visited a number of Burger places which claim to have the best burger in town. The problem with the German burgers is that they are made with the sugary cheap buns and they are light on the salad. The burger meat is OK in most cases, but the meat is not the only factor in a good burger. So I strongly recommend the vege Mediterranean burger.

The jacket:
Three items of clothing which are necessary for a cold European winter include a beloved jacket, a beanie and a scarf. The scarf was crocheted by my very talented friend SS (it's one of my most prized items). My last jacket (a $12 Salvo's jacket) lasted me 2 winters. I was lucky enough to get an up grade for my birthday earlier in the year. I also received this beanie (i think it is a Kalamunda market find by designer Sharman). Thanks to my fam and friends for thinking of me in the cold! and of course to mum (thinking of you in your birthday week!).

Photos: Michael Dooney


  1. hehe I know all about cold European winters! I agree, plastic trees are way better!

  2. you're wearing the coat we gave you!! Yes!