November 20, 2011

this blogger has something to say.....


(Top: Agent 99. Denim vest and midi skirt: Vintage - from my mum's closet. Necklaces: Etsy. Shoes: K-Mart. Bag and sunglasses: Asos)

I think all bloggers find that inspiration ebbs and flows, and being the expressive people that we are, we feel the need to tell you all about it. So here we go....

I have to apologise for my recent absence on the blog.... it has been for a reason. Something happened to me last week.... my wardrobe BROKE under the WEIGHT of my clothes. It wasn't made of wood.... or plastic.... it was made of metal and it snapped like a twig. So this is where I start re-thinking about the way I buy/wear clothes.

Thanks to numerous cheap and impulsive purchases (and when I say cheap, its not really that cheap in the end), my wardrobe is not as wearable as it could be. Instead of buying 5 pairs of shoes that cost around $100 each, I would prefer to buy one pair of shoes with that money and wear them to death. So thanks to a recent rummage through my mum's old clothes and the collapse of my sturdy METAL wardrobe, I feel inspired to recycle clothing and purchase only investment pieces. I think that the end result will be more reflective of my personal style. Now, I am by no means saying that you won't see the odd inexpensive trend-based piece on this blog because you WILL (I love playing silly buggers with useless trendy sh*t just as much as the next person)... but having a sister that spends TIME exercising her CREATIVITY and PATIENCE in producing beautiful clothing makes me think... maybe I don't need fast fashion in my life as much as I thought I did.

Kaye xx


  1. Ohh i so relate with this post!! I culled half my wardrobe about a month a go as i literally couldn't fit anything else in.. its been sitting on the floor of my lounge room with the intention of selling it at a swap meet, but i've decided it way too much hassle.

    I've had the same intention though lately... stop my impulsive shit buy and invest in some quality piece that I will cherish.

    ps I love that outfit :)

  2. Agreed!

    My metal wardrobe has been bowing at the weight of my clothes too! I only just decided it was time to cull the cheap impulse purchases (most of which I've hardly worn!) and get my wardrobe back to a manageable size.

    Investment pieces that I LOVE is my new mantra! It's good to see I'm not alone!


  3. OMG! amazing! sad and funny story at the same time.
    Probably is time to think about how much clothes do you have there.
    I'm going to check my wardrobe too, I don't want to have the same problem :D

    Cute photos, you're looking really cute.
    See you!

  4. I've tried to do this several times in the past year. Each time I only get rid of a handful of items. If I keep it up, I should get there eventually, right?

    I work at a women's shelter, and one of the metal racks in our spare clothes room snapped last week too! I couldn't believe it!

  5. I really admire people who use their money to buy investment pieces. I keep aiming to buy investment pieces to class up my thrift-store wardrobe, but I keep finding investment pieces so darn expensive.

  6. I've broken portable wardrobes but never anything made out of metal so thats impressive!

    I like my investment pieces but trendy pieces are always fun, so it would be hard for me to cut back.....

  7. aaaawwwww,nice post! Onya Sonja. Two thumbs up!

  8. ZOMG KAYE! You broke your wardrobe!!!!

    Can't wait to see your gradual wardrobe makeover;)

    xx T
    Ps. A little giveaway at Le Fanciulle

  9. Gorgeous photos and great post! Off to look around your blog some more :)

    Katherine XX

  10. Amazing post! I have had a similar epiphany and have never looked back. Fast fashion vs. quality is kind of like junk food vs. real food.