November 29, 2011

getting back into it

mahaila made skirt and top. Both based on Burdastyle patterns.

We took these photos when Berlin had continual sunny days and I still had a broken hand. I am surprised that after a few months my hand is still a little bunged up...but having use of both hands again has allowed me to start sewing, knitting, crocheting and screen printing. YAY!I have also been experiencing a few weeks of creative flow. I just can't stop making things. Do you experience waves of creative productivity?

This top is my second version of the Burdastyle Herbst mag 2011 top. This one is made out of cotton and I just added a little floral pocket. The skirt is the Burdastyle bubble skirt, but I omitted the bubble as it looked incredibly strange. I think that I will be making another black skirt soon as I love to wear my different coloured stockings with them. I do have some sad news about my floral doc's.The sole has partially fallen away from the boot. I tried glueing them, but the glue was not strong enough. So I will be off to the shoe repairer. Fingers crossed I can get them fixed. 

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