November 15, 2011

Steve Schapiro: Best exhibition:)


 (mahaila made top and skirt (based on Burdastyle patterns), plaid coat - best second hand find EVER!)

We hardly ever venture to the West of Berlin. Lets be honest, there is not that much happening on that side. But we could not resist the short treck when we heard that Steve Schapiro was having an exhibtion with a personal tour of his images. You may recognise some of his images. His 'Warhol and entourage' image is probably one of his most famous.

                Steve Schapiro

This was the best exhibition that I have seen... EVER. I know that is quite a statement, but who can resist a sweet, charasmatic, inpsiring elderly man bursting with exciting stories about his days as an influential photographer.  I loved his 'famous people' photos, but I really loved his documentation of world issues throughout the 50's and 60's. There were also many moving images from his documentation of Martin Luther King Jr, the Kennedy's amongst others which were featured in the exhibition.

I love this top. It is simple to make and I just can't stop wearing it. I have made another 2 versions(which I still have to post). This skirt was meant to bubble at the front. When I had cut it out and pinned it together, it looked a little ridiculous. Why would I want the skirt to look like I had a huge gaping tummy? So I incorporated rather large darts into the skirt to ensure a more fitted silhouette. This coat is my best second hand store find. I found it in Perth years ago. On the way to the Schapiro exhibtion on the train, a little old lady told me that I had an authentic coat on. She was pretty impressed :)


  1. What exactly is an inauthentic coat? Haha I love old ladies.
    Love the outfit!

  2. Sorry, I mean authentic 1960's coat:)

  3. This skirt surprises me for you! WHO LIKES SHORT SHORTS! But I like it.

  4. Flawless outfit! Love that coat especially.

    And so jealous you got to go to that exhibition, it sounds incredible.

  5. I absolutely love that coat, the color is so cool! Lovely blog and that exhibition looks fantastic.

    Love, Lisa

  6. That coat is an amazing find! Thanks for the Schapiro exhibition tip by the way, i will try to check it out before the end of the exhibition this weekend :)

  7. Gorgeous outfit! That coat is amazing - love! Your blog is beautiful x