November 30, 2011

out in the corn field

mahaila made skirt and top, Burdastyle patterns.

On a whirl wind 4 day trip from Berlin to Dresden to Prague to Munich to Leipzig to Lutherstadt Wittenburg.... we stopped off in a corn field to take some photos....yes we got lost and decided that it was a nice place for some photots. After taking these photos I realised that we don't seem to take many photos in the cities that we visit. We are certainly drawn to nature (even if it's man made nature). Perhaps we feel more comfortable or more at home.
As previously posted here and here, both of these garments are varitations of Burdastyle patterns. I like the skirt in the second photo as you can see the brocade pattern.


  1. Very cute! I made a similar skirt this summer, also in brocade, but mine is green. Its kind of a really awesome material. Also, I'm pretty sure that I say this every time I comment, but I love your haircut! It looks so cool!

  2. I love your haircut too!

    The outfit is amazing and I particularly love the second photo: the colours, the textures of brocade, corn, and husk, and the striking diagonal line across the image created by the position of your arms.

  3. Your hair is adorable, I just love it so much.

  4. the second pic is also my fav. You can really see the lovely detail in the brocade

  5. the pocket on the top is wonderful - should think about doing something similar myself! wonderful blog, madame. will follow you. maybe you wanna visit me and follow me back?

    all the best from stockholm,
    xx mika