November 11, 2011

Creative Friday: Missus D

A few weeks ago Michael and I were lucky enough to meet up with Kathleen from Missus D in Munich. She designs and crochets little creatures which are truly inspiring. I find her crocheted creations very structurally interesting. They are like mini sculptures of fun! They're so cute:) 

          Kathleen from Missus D                  Photos by: Michael Dooney

Where are you from?
I was born in Singapore, which is a very small island state on the southern tip of West Malaysia. 
It is also nicknamed The Little Red Dot, because our small island is often obscured by the red dot referring to our location on the world map.

What is your art/craft and where can we find it?
I would say my craft is sculpting. I studied architecture because I wanted to build liveable sculptures, now I use yarn to make little soft sculptures using crochet techniques. You can find my work in my Etsy shop:

What are the positives in buying handmade items? 
Oh, there are too many to point out. Firstly, in this case, 'handmade' refers to the fact of small scale local production. In this niche, we care about the source and quality of our materials. Each item is inspired and carefully created. There is a story behind our design. Most likely, buying handmade also means supporting small independent designers who are not employed to design things that sell, but they are designing out of pure joy and passion. 

When you consume handmade, you are receiving more than an item. There is inspiration and a story behind it. The creator is not some faceless factory machine, but a person whom you can approach. You are supporting their passion and giving them credit they are worthy of. 

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from people around me and things that amuse me. I like the geeky, humourous and slightly subversive things.

What motivates you to create?
Being inspired motivates creativity. 

What encouraging words/advice would you give to someone who is interested in sparking their creativity?
We don't have to try to be creative, we ARE creative. It's just finding something to do that brings you and others joy when you do it. For example, my husband is not a very crafty person, but when it comes to making hilarious jokes, he is extremely creative. It is his ability to make such hilarious jokes that in turn inspires me to make something.


  1. Oh they're so interestingly gorgeous! That little grey one with the big eyes has my name all over it. I love reading about other peoples loves and what inspires them - Missus D sounds like she does exactly what she loves .. lucky thing! Great interview.

    Anna xo

  2. Love the interview and how Kathleen describes handmade! I might totally quote her on that, it's a delightful definition! Off to check out her shop!:)