November 18, 2011

Creative Friday: CROBOTS!

Bopbot... at the Berlin beer festival.

When Kaye came to Berlin she brought a little present from our brother. It was a crobot book! What is a crobot?... well, apparently it's a crocheted little robot creature. I remember crocheting a little colourful square with my grandma when I was like 8, but haven't picked up the crochet hook since. So, thanks to the explanations and pictures I was able to make all of these little characters for my family:) I love my crobot book!


  1. Ohmygosh the best Christmas present idea ever!!!

    xx S

    PS Don't forget to enter our giveaway (probs more useful for Kaye- no international shipping, sorry!)

    Le Fanciulle

  2. Ahh my sister has that book. They are so funny and cute. Zombibot is definately a favourite of mine.

  3. I love Zombibot too!!!! He's super cute. I feel sorry for him :(

  4. Thats going straight on my Christmas list!!!
    I made a crochet robot the other day and have another on the go..but who could have enough crochet robots...right?