May 30, 2011

Curtain skirt + the lonley berlin bears

For months we had been told by friends that there were some bears in a tiny enclosure in the centre of Berlin. We had ridden our bikes around this city park numerous times and had a hard time believing that there was any type of large wildlife around there.  So earlier in Spring, we ventured to Koellnischer Park to confirm whether the rumours were true. And sure enough we found a tiny ancient concrete enclosure (you can see it in the background of the second photo) with a few children running around telling their parents, "Mama, die Baeren sind nicht da". So we waited around a bit and after a few minutes a lady came out rattling a container of pellets. It took a while before 2 bears slowly emerged into the sunlight. So the rumour was confirmed. Bears live in the centre of Berlin, they are the living mascots of Berlin. I suppose that we were surprised that in this current day these little bears were living in such a sad, small and dull enclosure. I have found a number of animal protection groups/organisations including Liberate the Berlin Bears, born free and animal public who advocate for the rights of these bears.  It is definitely needed.

This skirt is the product of my second hand sourcing efforts. Thanks to the local markets and second hand stores my fabric stash is ever growing. This particular skirt is made out of 2 different curtains and is formed around the waist measurement. The skirt section is pleated on the waist band and the zipper is added to complete the skirt.
Last winter I started to knit some bow brooches and you will definitely be seeing more of these!   

Photos: Michael Dooney


  1. I want your flats!!


  2. I like the pattern of the skirt... yellow is something nice and different. And good job on the brooch!

  3. This skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

  4. love the skirt and the pattern on it. so sad to hear about the bears, hope it gets sorted.

  5. Nice photos. Maybe we can follow each other?