May 04, 2011

Peppermint mag: runner up! was a while ago now

It was a while ago now that our Gran made the brave decision to update her curtains. After completing the new curtains, I decided to take the old one's and make something. I ended up with this jacket and finished it just in time to submit to the Peppermint magazine eco fashion competition. I am a firm believer in using recycled fabrics to create garments.

I remember travelling back home to Perth (which was a 5 hour trip from the town that I used to work in) early one Saturday morning ready and raring to take a photo of it. My model, Kaye was still asleep in bed. After banging on her door and insisting that she come down, Kaye posed for me with the jacket. I must say she looks pretty good! After a few months I heard back that we had won runner up and our image was published in the 4th edition of the Peppermint mag. We were happy with having a whole page and we also received some local art.

I really love this jacket, but unfortunately it is a 'wear it out to Sunday brunch' only jacket, due to the some pressure point tears. I have learnt a very valuable lesson regarding the use of second hand fabrics. My Gran had these curtains for YEARS! and unfortunately the Aussie sun + many years = brittle fabric. Silly me. This is usually how I learn. Trial and error. I now check fabrics THOROUGHLY before I purchase them with the help of a pull test and a close inspection. Thankfully I have not made the same mistake again, so I am still a big lover of second hand fabrics. You can find the most interesting pieces for a unique one off garment! and of course it is a good choice for ethical and environmental beliefs.

The pattern: I just searched for this Vogue jacket pattern on the net but unfortunately it seems that it is out of print.


  1. well done for coming runner up :) the material is perfect for the style of jacket you made.

  2. Nice blog dear!
    im following. Hope you do the same :)

  3. Yayayayayay! I love this jacket, always will. Very clever!! Gran should be proud :)

  4. I love the jacket. Great pictures.

  5. your "curtain"-jacket is amazing!

  6. it has such a sound of music feel to it!
    great jacket!

  7. just lovely! peppermint magazine is great.