May 17, 2011

tent dress with a lace striped bib

This is a tent dress foundation. I wasn't sure how the shape would look, but I am pleasantly surprised. I used some curtaining plus a striped fabric to create the bib section at the front. I think I will try to make a tent dress again, but perhaps have a little more flare and body in the skirt section. All in all I am happy with this dress and I have worn it a lot over the past few weeks.

On this particular weekend we headed out to Potsdam to the touring fabric market Stoffmarkt Holland. This market tours around to different cities in Germany. Sadly I didn't really love the markets. It was way too crowded and the quality of the fabric and the price was not that great. I think I am too used to fabric shopping in Australia, and I have been fairly disappointed in the fabric here in Germany. I am currently looking at sourcing some organic and ethically made fabrics, so I will let you know how my research goes.  

Seeing that we were already in Potsdam we decided to explore Park Sanssouci. The palace was pretty, but all of the plants were in winter mode so there was not a lot of colour in the garden. It was quite cold and the streams were frozen (yes I am wearing a sleeveless dress in the winter and yes I received some strange looks from the people passing by). But luckily the sun was shining! Sanssouci is definitely worth a visit. 

Photography: Michael Dooney