December 13, 2011

new clothes resolution: question 1

The new clothes resolution continues. When I find something that I like while doing my usual perusing on the internet, before I click it home, I ask myself two questions:

1. Can I substitute it with something I already have in my closet?
2. Is it possible to DIY? If so, would I be just as happy with my own creation? 

To prove that I can overcome my wardrobe dilemmas by asking myself these two questions, I thought I might do an experiment. When cleaning my room, I found a box that I had labelled "For eBay". Of course I had not got round to not actually bothered to sell the clothes in said box, and so was able to recover this old Supre grey pencil skirt from about 7 years ago. Complete with wrinkles and the tag sticking out....


1. Can I wear something I already have in my closet?


Answer: YES!

(Pencil skirt: Supre (old). Top: Random. Bag: Gift from mum (old). Necklace: Lovisa. Shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim)

So using all old clothes, an old bag, a trend-based necklace from a chain store and (my only) investment accessory, I was able to create something I'm happy with. I've actually always loved all-grey outfits and I had one right under my nose the whole time... so what do you think? Do you think I'm on to something?

Watch this space... I'm going to attempt question 2 soon. 

Kaye xx


  1. YES! and looking sharp. love your new clothes resolutions!

  2. Umm since when were you chic-er than Coco Chanel, miss??
    Looking fab ;)

    xx S

  3. INCREDIBLE shoes! I am so jealous :)

    loving your blog by the way