December 24, 2011

breakfest preparations


Image credits: unknown, lovemore, topshop, unknown

This year mahaila and I are spending Christmas on opposite sides of the globe. While mahaila enjoys her first white Christmas (jealous), I am experiencing Australia's typical hot and dry Christmas. For me, this means family, friends, barbecued prawns, the beach and big glasses of chilled pear cider - we have the typical turkey for festivity purposes despite the impracticality of the heat that comes from the oven.

As much as I love our Aussie Christmas, I'm going to make a disgusting confession - the day after Christmas is (in my book) the best day of the year. IT'S BREAKFEST! Breakfest is an annual Perth music festival featuring the best artists in breaks music. After a day of presents, good food, family and fun, it feels great to dance around in the sun drinking wine with friends, listening to some amazing tunes. I don't care much for festival fashion and as its usually about 40 degrees Celsius out at the belviour amphitheatre, you don't have a choice but to just wear a loose tank top and shorts.

I want something like this, this or this but as part of my "new clothes resolution" I'm going to ask myself question number 2:

  Is it possible to DIY? If so, would I be just as happy with my own creation?
                              Answer: Yes and yes. 

I've had all of the above images saved in my "DIY" and "Inspiration" folders for aaaaages. Clearly I've never got the idea of crosses, muscle tees and safety pins out of my head - so I thought that it was about time I dominated my local Kmart and haberdashery store. These are the items I've decided I'll need.........................


Not long now.... I'll keep you guys updated!

Kaye xx


  1. nice photos!

    follow each other, dear?


  2. love it!!!!

  3. Nice post Merry Xmas!!!