December 17, 2010

SPAIN: revisiting no. 2

 Picos De Europa

Las Medulas

The second stop on the Spain revisit features the mountains in Picos De Europa and the unnaturally natural Las Medulas. We found extreme luck when the sun was just peaking over the mountain side and the clouds intermittently dispersed across the blue sky. It was pretty windy and quite cold... but it was all worth it. Las Medulas is an amazing place too. These red hills were actually formed by the Romans. They built a water system to mine the land for gold and consequently carved the land into hills and caves. This was like 2000 years ago. Pretty amazing stuff. 

The garment shown here was made as a part of the fickle sense challenge number one, previously blogged here. The top is a CUT magazine pattern. I designed and made the shorts to match the top.

Photos: Michael Dooney

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