December 05, 2010's cold out there



Palaces, fancy dresses, elaborately decorated rooms, beautiful gardens and .... the cold. The last stop on our Spain/Vienna trip was Schoenbrunn Palace. After being herded through the palace like cattle we took a stroll through the colourful gardens. This was the first weekend of Autumn and my first experience of a true European Autumn. Being an Australian I did not realise how different each season is here. I just really love all the colours. I also like Michael's last shot. I feel like Mary Poppins. hee hee.

The old 1940's folding camera which is featured in these shots was purchased at the Vienna markets by Michael. He is looking forward to experimenting with his find.

OUTFIT: Again I apologise for the very creased garment. Travelling and staying in hostels with minimal facilities means that there are no irons. When I saw this fabric I just knew that this pattern from vogue was perfect, the only problem was that it was polka dotted. I am not a fan of the old polka dots (though I am slowly beginning to turn) so I used the under side of the fabric. I used the polka dots as a feature at the hem and the back section. The jacket is from the same pattern set. 

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. You really do look like Mary Poppins in that last photo!! I like that old school camera too. Looks really cool.

  2. Really cute dress your wearing!! :)

  3. great pictures! cool blog

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  4. love the unique green colour of the dress, and creative photos too x

  5. love the dress! such sweet photos :)