December 15, 2010


Two sisters back in the day.
Left: Mahaila. Right: Kaye.

Just a little blog update for our readers.....  :)

Mahaila is HOME for the holidays!!! So we are living together in Australia for the next month. Between Christmas, New Years Eve, boxing day, summer festivals, family, friends, the beach, op-shops, bars, pubs etc etc it is an understatement to say that we are excited about the upcoming few weeks. 

With this being the first time that we are together since starting Fickle Sense, we are even more inspired to post more outfits, projects, challenges, outings and all things fashion related!

I also want to apologise to you guys for the lack of outfit posts on my behalf (mahaila has been the only one posting outfits since late last month). Believe me, I am inspired constantly, I have enough time and I have soooo many outfits I want to share with you. The reason for the lull is that I have not had a photographer! Robert and I recently broke up.... in the end, we decided that it was best for both of us. At the moment, I'm learning what it's like to be single - and how to appreciate solitude. So far, so good. I'm currently on the path to finding other avenues for taking photos so that I can continue sharing what I love... so please bare with me over the next few weeks while I find my feet :)

Kaye xx

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