September 29, 2011

CROATIA - Zlatni Rat Beach

CROATIA! Visiting Croatia during the peak season was a bit of a holidaying culture shock for us. Much of the coast line and towns were littered with beach bars, souvenir shops and there were MANY leathery sun bakers engulfing the pebbled shore lines. It was clear that sunny Croatia relies heavily on tourism. Despite this it was a beautiful country. The people were warm and friendly, the food was great and the weather was mostly sunny.
These photographs show off how wonderfully beautiful and interesting the Croatian islands can be. This particular beach is the Zlatni Rat Beach, which is on the southern side of the island Brac.

I made this top from the Port Elizabeth pattern. I wanted to add a little colour to it, so I inserted the magenta and orange to the basic pattern.I love the shape of this top and have used it previously in pink (blogged here). I am a little crazy about colour at the moment and are consequently on the look out for bright coloured fabrics! (I apologise for the wrinkled clothing..that's what travelling does:)

I wanted to make some shorts to match the top, so I utilised one of my drafted shorts patterns...but the waist sits rather strangely and  as a result the shorts look frumpy. I will have to revisit this pattern and make some alterations. I added some coral coloured pockets. I like the concept of these pockets but they contribute to the wide hip frumpy look. 

More Croatia posts to come! 

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. cool!! oh i went to croatia and iloved it! amazing pictures :)

  2. Love your colored top and the braid, you look really sweet :)

    See you!

  3. LOVE your top, the neckline especially... but aren't you happy to be on such a beautiful beach in such a cute outfit? ;)

  4. Hi! I just found your blog from a comment you left on mine! I loved this top when I saw it on burdastyle. The whole look is just so comfortable and hip. and the beach looks wonderful....

  5. Hey, I thought I'd seen that pattern somewhere (on Burda) but LOVE your chevron (a chevron is the V, right?) colour! AND, my friend was just asking me for a circle skirt pattern, and your tutorial looks EXACTLY right for a beginner to try out! Will pass it on.


  6. I visited the exact same place this summer. A little touristy though, I am glad our little house was at the other side of the island :) aaah beautiful Croatia

  7. thank you for the comment you left on my blog:),
    i loove your top and shorts, you're so talented!