September 07, 2011

two strap


Forgive me. 
I know these Alexander Wang shoes have been splashed all over the blog-o-sphere. However I am not about to confess my undying love for this shoe and I am not about to announce to the world that my life is not worth living until it is in my possession. SoI feel that this post should not be accused of committing the crime of blogging-the-same-bloody-Wang-shoe-over-and-over-again. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway, lets get to the point....

I have been looking for the perfect two-strap black heel for ages now. When I first saw this shoe, my heart pounded a little faster. Then I saw the price..... then I decided that I don't like the little cape thing on the back.... then I decided that I had NOT found my perfect two-strap black heel. And yes I knooooow the cape is detachable. Don't care, this is not my perfect shoe. 

So alas the hunt continues. If any of our darling readers know of a perfect heel with two thin black straps, please let me know. I will give you money my left kidney a hug :)

Kaye xx


  1. Absolute lust for those shoes!


    Erin @

  2. I'm pretty sure Calvin Klein makes some seriously simple & chic shoes that you'd like, but a quick glance at shopbop/net-a-porter doesn't show me any at the moment... In summary, i am no help! hahahah

    xx S

  3. They are indeed amazing, but if it makes you feel any better apparently there are impossibly painful to wear!

  4. Probably a bit late to post but Tony Bianco make a shoe called Karissa just like this but affordable.