June 16, 2012

Kaye has a new blog!


We're baaaaaaaaack! And with some big news!

Kaye has a new blog!

I've started another blog! Render Sublime is a side project where I will be independent... all on my own without my big sister! Scary!! I'll be posting my outfits, my DIY's and anything else fashion related.
Most of you know me as Kaye, which is actually my middle name. When we started Fickle Sense I wanted to saviour a sense of anonymity. Unfortunately using my middle name proves awkward when translated to the real world.....never in a million years did I think I would actually meet people through this blog! So now you'll be seeing my real name, Kassy, at the end of blog posts :)
I will still be contributing to Fickle Sense as usual. Mahaila and I will concentrate on doing more challenges for you all...... in fact there is one coming up in the next few days!!! Stay tuned :)

It's weird being the new kid on the block again... please be kind if you visit Render Sublime! ;)

Kassy xx


  1. Wow...never know you have two blogs. I've always been quite a fan of fickle sense hehe ^^
    looking forward to more updates Kasst =)