June 14, 2012

Creative...Thursday: Jodi Made

It was a while back now that we ventured to Budapest for the weekend. 
We meet up with a fellow creative, Jodi. Jodi was recently featured in the Burdastyle handbook with her green coat. She even traveled to America for the opening. Exciting stuff! How many people can say they have been published in a book? Thanks Jodi, for meeting with us in Budapest and sharing your thoughts and inspirations:)

Where are you from?
I grew up in a town called Kati Kati. It’s the mural town of New Zealand. It’s a beautiful place on the coast but very small. It was always my dream to live in a faraway country. I moved to Budapest six years ago. I love living here, it’s a beautiful, creative city with lots going on. I love Europe - it is so easy to travel around and there are so many different people and cultures in such a small area.

What is your art/craft and where can we find it?
My main hobby is sewing but I also like to do calligraphy, make cards (birthday, Christmas etc), knit. I’ve just opened an etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/JodiMade It doesn’t have so much stuff in it yet but I’m working on it.

Jodi in America with the Burdastyle handbook
I post pics of things I make (usually clothes for myself) on my blog. http://www.jodimade.com

What are the positives in buying handmade items?
They are not mass produced, so there is much less chance of others having the same stuff as you. As a teenager my friends and I would shop at the same stores and end up with all the same clothes and would then have to coordinate who got to wear a certain top when. It was ridiculous. That was when I really started sewing a lot.

Where do you find inspiration?
I read a lot of sewing blogs. There are so many people out there making cool things. It’s funny to see trends in blogland which actually aren’t trends here on the street. Last year there were so many people posting scalloped things and so I just had to make myself a few scalloped dresses. I think I saw ONE person in Budapest with a scalloped skirt.....
I like people watching too, sitting at cafes and checking out what all the passers by are wearing.

Jodi's green jacket. Loving these button details
What motivates you to create?
I just have a need to make things. I always have. Being creative was always very encouraged when I was a kid - at home, at school, and by things in my town.

My nana would give me her leftover craft supplies - wool, buttons, fabric, craft magazines. She is always making something or learning a new skill.

In Kati Kati there is an A&P (Agricultural and Pastoral) show every year. There are lots of competitions and basically everyone I knew used to enter in some category. I would make stuff like miniature gardens, cards. My nana would enter her delicious cakes and other baked goodies, my dad would put in the vegetables he grew. I loved it - kids could win 50 cents for first place, and get certificates! (50 cents was enough for a good sized bag of lollies at the corner shop). I think competition is a great motivator....

What encouraging words/advice would you give to someone who is interested in sparking their creativity?
Take some classes or find people who are making the kinds of things you would like to do. It can be much more fun to work in a group and bounce ideas off each other.

Jodi Made blog
Jodi Made Etsy store


  1. Your blog is really really nice dear :)

    Hope you'll visit me :)
    Kisses, Elly

  2. great post thanks for sharing

  3. I loved meeting up with you guys. Come visit Pest again, it's really fun in summer.... :)

    That bar we were at, it was shut down last month!