June 20, 2012

Challenge No. 3: Long story of the Marni pants.

Perhaps very few readers would remember the 'challenges' that we completed a while back on Fickle Sense (Challenge 1, Challenge 2) . Yes we have been a little lazy lately but we are getting back on track! We are ready and raring to inject a little bit of energy and enthusiasm into our monthly challenges.

So what do the challenges involve?
It's no secret that Kaye and myself differ in our styles, talents and inspirations. The challenges give us the opportunity to think outside our own boxes and try different things. It also allows us to maintain an open dialogue between Berlin, Germany and Perth, Australia. So, on a monthly basis we will challenge each other to complete different fashion related tasks.   

Getting back on the Challenge horse.
This challenge began with an email from Kaye. 

'Hey I have a huuuuuuuuuge favour to ask. H&M has been doing a few collaboration designer labels. I always see the collection knowing that I can't have it. So I was wondering......would you be able to buy me a couple of the pieces and send them to me?.....if there are heaps of girls in there running around and snatching things, then don't worry about it, coz I wouldn't go into the store when it's like that.'

As many people know, I am THE worst shopper. I rarely buy clothes and the thought of running into a store, snatching and grabbing.... it just doesn't sit well with me. But, in the name of sisterly love I ventured to H&M to source the requested item. However unfortunately when I arrived 100 other people had the same idea which resulted in me standing in a stagnant line for half an hour.

At this stage it was obvious that I was not getting anywhere, so I left the store with a feeling of defeat. After work I got ready to email Kaye with the bad news. In a last minute attempt I thought 'well I might as well check the website'. There in their glistening state I saw the requested golden pants. BUT were they available in the right size? Clicking on the size button ........... YAY! they are available! A few days later they arrived on my door step. I felt pretty lucky. Though having only just checked the H&M website now, it would appear that they are on sale.... so perhaps we were not THAT lucky. 

After informing Kaye that the pants were purchased, she challenged me to create an outfit around these Marni pants. Tomorrow we will post the results of the challenge. 

Challenge number 3: 
Create an outfit around the Marni pants.

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  1. How would I attempt to make marni pants.. ( not in my size) =(