September 09, 2013

A not so successful refashion

The dress before the refashion
Refashioning is something that I have been doing for a while now, and luckily pretty much all of them have turned out reasonably well..... until this garment. The good news is that it is still wearable, but the choice to resize it was a mistake

Why this dress?
I found the item in amongst a few antique gems at an antique market. The print was what initally caught my eye and the silhouette was also appealing. Resizing seemed to be the most sensible option. 

Me at the market buying the garment

What was altered?
I used a basic slip pattern and ended up shortening it and pulling in the sides. The problem was that I detached the collar but I did not completely deconstruct it. So it was difficult sewing it back on. This silly error has made the collar sit strangely and I don't feel completely comfortable wearing it. So I basicly destroyed a really lovely garment, because it didn't fit me.

One positive thing that did come out of this project was that I realised that I need to set myself some refashioning rules. So I will share my refashioning rules in some follow up posts!

Watch this space for my refashion do's & don'ts!


  1. I think it turned out really well! I'm deadly for snipping things too short. Every time I promise myself I've learned only to do it again on the next garment!

  2. I think this looks adorable on you...definitely a win! Looking forward to your refashioning top tips, as it's an area I lack confidence in for sure!

  3. Oh damn, sorry to hear that. You could pass it on or, if you really wanna 'fix it' chop the neckline off, flip it upside down, make a new neckline at the old hem and put the collar on it. Or just put it away for a season-you might like it better after a little time away from it!

  4. I totally agree with 'theperfectnose'! Very often I will make something, not like it, put it at the bottom of my scrap bag, find it again, and love it! It really does look pretty cool to me as it currently is though... Love the photos of your floor by the way (!) - I used to live in Berlin years ago and it reminded me of my old room! Do you have an enormous old heater/stove in there too? I miss Berlin!

  5. Ooh, it doesn't look bad in the photos, but I'd make a new neckline without a collar... so it's kinda like a tunic of sorts?


  6. Really? I can't see anything wrong with the collar? I love this little dress as much as I love your fabulous parquet flooring...what I would give!!! Great job, I say :)

  7. It does look completely lovely on regardless - but I know that bloody-hell-not-quite-right feeling. Agree with above, maybe lose the collar altogether if it's irking you? PS. Nice shots Michael!