August 13, 2013

Nostalgia! 3 years of Fickle Sense!

Collection of mahaila images 2010-2013
photos: Michael Dooney

This month marks 3 years of Fickle Sense! Woo Hoo! Back in 2010 my sister, Kass and myself decided to start the blog as a way of maintaining contact from Perth, Aus to Berlin, Germany. I sewed and she styled. These images document our progress over the years.

I did experience a feeling of nostalgia whilst collecting all of our images. Kass has certainly improved on the photo taking front and changed her style to some degree (check out her blog Render Sublime). Looking at my images my style is also changing, though I feel that I have tapered off in terms of the amount of clothes I sew now. I have so many ideas, yet so little time to execute them. Plus I now have an online screen printing shop, plus an 'almost' eco clothing store, plus an eco blog 'i give 2 hoots', plus a career, plus wedding preparations... and the list still continues! Perhaps I should slow down a bit and spend more time in front of the sewing machine, with my own creations:)

Collection of Kass images from 2010-2012 (find Kass at Render Sublime)

Which looks are your favourite? 

My favorite from Kass is the red slip dress. 
(second last row, second image)
My favourite from myself (mahaila) is still my refashion piece. 
(third row from the bottom, 3 image across)

And... of course thanks to everyone who has followed us over the years:) and lots of love to our men for taking all of our photos!

This song by one of my favourite bands the Handsome Furs is quite fitting 'Nostalgia......'


  1. Seeing this all together... you make the best stuff, even if you're not making it as frequently. I remember how excited I got when I discovered your blog. Just astounding.

    1. Thanks for your sweet and kind words!... I need them at the moment. Have the blogger blues:(

  2. Congrats on three beautiful years!