June 24, 2013

Sewing for your man

I made these trousers about a year ago for my fella, Michael. I chose a light weight linen/cotton which is perfect for those summery days! The instructions for this pattern are not great and you need to spend some time with youtube and sewing blogs to figure out the best ways to insert the back pockets (tutorial here) and the fly. I made a slight alteration to the back seam as it was gaping at the waistline. But other then that I enjoyed making these trousers and would recommend the pattern for the great silhouette. 

Since having sewn these trousers I have recognised that there are not a great deal of sewing patterns for men. A good friend of mine (male who sews) gets really frustrated with the lack of options with regards to mens sewing patterns. He even wrote to Burdastyle.de about the problem! Their response was something like, 'women don't want to sew for men, so we don't produce many mens patterns'.  I strongly disagree! Yes, girls do sew a lot for themselves, BUT girls are definitely interested in sewing for the special men in their lives. There has been a recent shift in the availability of sewing patterns for men. More blogs are blogging about their sewing ventures and there are some inspiring men sewers/crafters. E.g. My fantastic friend Ralf -burdastyle, the great mens sewing blog Male pattern boldness , kalepso , mr x , crochet bloke 

A few patterns for your fella...........

Burdastyle - Jochen, Thread Theory - Jedediah
Thread Theory - Newcastle cardigan

Colette - Negroni - I have fitted this shirt and recommend it! Still have to make the final version.
Burdastyle -  mens shirt

We are running in the marathon this year and I need to make a pair of shorts for Michael perhaps I will try this pattern
Burdastyle -Andre

Other places to find mens patterns
Thread Theory (mens only pattern store), ebay, Simplicity, Burdastyle ,  vogue, Drafting mens trouser patterns.

(Guys) Have you sewn something for yourself or others?
(Gals) Do you sew for your fella, dad, brother, friends, granfather etc ? 
Which mens patterns do you like?


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    1. He IS a good model. He works so hard, even had to have a lay down part the way through.

  2. Burdastyle used to run a Men's set one a year- usually pants, button up shirt, and some sort of jacket. They were gorgeous. But that disappeared and they replaced it with the occasional pattern. Try hunting down some Burda's from 2007 through 2009.

    1. I just had a look at Burdastyle.de. They have a few more mens sewing patterns
      ...though they are in German.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Those trousers look incredible, you did a great job on them! Thanks so much for linking to some great men's patterns, there's definitely a shortage of them around! I've had a Colette Negroni shirt cut out for my boyfriend for about 2yrs...and still haven't made it :o( I must be the world's worst sewing girlfriend!

    1. Thanks! I have the Negroni pattern sitting around too!

  4. This is so true! I have one men's shirt pattern, a Burda one, that I have sewn up nearly thirty times for my husband and two adult sons, as well as for myself! It's pretty easy to incorporate little changes and variations into the pattern to make them all different from each other. I check out men's shirts in the stores to get ideas for different little things to add to them. Burda has a few nice shirt and long and short trouser patterns for men and a couple of suit patterns too, Vogue also has several very nice mens' shirt patterns.

  5. Wow, great fit on those trousers! I agree about the men's pattern thing...my husband has only ever gotten a handmade necktie from me :)

  6. Great pants, they fit perfectly! I haven't sewn a full garment for any guys but I have altered quite a lot of mens clothes. This post intrigued me so I did some googling and all the mens patterns were pyjamas or Hawaiian shirts! The only half decent ones from the Big 4 companies (apart from Burda) were the Suede Says men's jacket & pants combo.