June 04, 2013

CREATIVE TALENT: Karin Lindeskov

On a trip to Hamburg we were lucky enough to meet up with the uber talented Karin, a Danish illustrator. In her shop you can find totes, postcards, prints, and cute cushion characters! I love the fox! Below you can find her inspiring words regarding being apart of the creative world:) Thanks to Karin for finding the time to meet up with us whilst we were in rainy Hamburg.

'Go for it and have no fear!'
 Karin Lindeskov

Shop:      :Etsy
           :Karin lindeskov shop
Blog:      :Facebook
Portfolio: :www.behance.net/KarinLindeskov

Four adjectives which describe my work:
Illustrative, graphic, colourful, playful

Currently residing:
I moved from Copenhagen to Hamburg about 1,5 year ago

I grew up in the windy north-west-countryside of Denmark on a small island called Thyholm. 

How did you start creating?
All children draw - I just never stopped. I studied illustration and graphic design and now work as a freelancer in both fields. I love the mix of working on client´s projects and my own things: One day working on a logo for a client, the next day sewing a rocket in fabrics or drawing a crying owl...I believe that this interaction is very important for my constant development and ideas.

Inspired by? 
For some time now I have been very inspired by animals, especially cats (my cat) and birds, but I actually find inspiration all over the place: a walk to the supermarket, blogs, people, music, colours. 
Any encouraging words?
Go for it and have no fear!



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