April 21, 2013

MUSIC: Little Dragon rocks... but GEMA is crap!

Little Dragon from Gothenberg, Sweden 

I wanted to share what I am currently listening to... but it is ssssooooooooo frustrating trying to listen to new music in Germany. GEMA is doing my head in (GEMA is a performance rights organisation in Germany). We can't see/listen to anything!... Ok that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I can't listen to about 50% of what I find. It feels like a miniscule version of what it must be like to live in a country which heavily censors media. 

It is so annoying. I particularly DISLIKE when bands release something as a taste tester... but no we can't listen to it. e.g. the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs clip. They were plugging it for days. My brother sent me a link and of course I couldn't listen to it. And I still haven't seen the clip. AAAAhhhh GEMA is making me angry! 

If you are lucky enough not to be living in Germany you can watch the clip below. Is it good?

Little Dragon - Looking glass, from my computer, not youtube

If you are in Germany have a listen to another song on Sound Cloud. I love Sound Cloud



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