April 17, 2013

i heart berlin x front row society

Photos: Michael Dooney
Scarf: front row society + i heart berlin

This scarf is the result of a collaboration between 'i Heart Berlin', and 'Front Row Society' - with a twist of shit....  well, the image on the scarf was taken by Frank, the i Heart Berlin creator, at the 'the shit' Bonnie Strange label fashion show. The scarves were presented to us at an Art Connect Berlin meet up in Neuköln before Christmas. I found the image below on the Art Connect website... I assure you that I was actually very impressed with the scarf. The bright colours were what initially sparked my interest and the symmetrical print definitely amplified my intrigue. The purchase may have also stemmed from an unconsious need for brightness and light in an otherwise cold, grey, miserable winter in Berlin. What ever the reason ... 'the shit' follows me everywhere, even back home to Aus. 

The images above were snapped when we were home in Australia on a trip down at Margaret River. A few days of surfing, BBQing and a record breaking wine tasting expedition. My very patient and tolerant brother drove 5 of us babbling, tipsy idiots through 8 different wineries. What a trooper! All in all it was a busy yet relaxing summer full of Aussie fun! Now that the sun in Berlin has popped it's wonderful head out from behind the clouds, I just hope that this will be an awesome, notoriously invigorating Berlin spring and summer too! We certainly need it!  

Photo: Linda Rosa Saal - Art Connect Berlin


  1. with a twist of shit... nice. So THIS is what you guys were doing when we were in Margs! Very nice pics

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  3. beautiful! The colors are pretty.


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  7. stunning.

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  8. Amazing!!!! Many kiss from Andalucía!!!


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