December 12, 2012

Voodoo Market No. 9, Berlin Urban Spree

Last weekend we spent the day in my little stall at voodoo market @ Urban spree. It was a good day full of handmade cheer! 

My stall fickle sense 

I bought two little illustration prints from the artist ryslee!

I was really impressed with mockingbird's upcycled collection. It was by far the best upcycled clothing that I have seen! Really inspiring stuff.

 mimikri's jewellery was made from upcycled materials! I love her use of colour blocking.

Some interesting textures with the Handcraft berlin's t-shirts and singlets.

 joy's feathery designs were full of colour and she had some unique feathers

Andrea Wan worked away at her illustrations as the voodoo market goers checked out her work.

Some nice screen printed designs from the happarel guys


  1. OMG, those feather necklaces are amazing! So expensive though :,(

  2. This looks like a really awesome event!