December 09, 2012

MUSIC: GIRL POWER! with peaches

PEACHES! The last time I saw Peaches, she was rocking her heart out with her band at the Big Day Out festival in Perth, 2007. This time around we attended a more intimate event, where she was interviewed by the CDR Berlin guys.

I have always appreciated Peaches unique and fearless approach to music making and performing. After hearing her being interviewed I definitely gained respect for her as a person as well. Her message was clear. Be yourself and express yourself through your own creative means. Take it or leave it. I found her wise words extremely inspiring and I have been listening to Peaches tracks constantly since the interview!

This was the best interview that I have seen at CDR Berlin and there were a few more girls in the audience this time too! The CDR event happens monthly (or so) and gives the opportunity for electronic music makers to hear some inspiring words from those who have 'made it' in the industry. Audience members also have the opportunity to play their tracks at the end of the night. Perhaps more girls will start going to events now that Peaches has broken the 'no females draught'. Girl Power!!! 

My dodgy photo of Peaches being interviewed.

'I feel cream' -PEACHES

I love this party track! 'More' - PEACHES
Love the break down, bridge section

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