October 08, 2012

Last weekend gigs

Radiohead  29th September 2012, Wühlheide Berlin.

Last weekend was a massive weekend for me. A pivotal musical moment. A moment where my childhood dreams came true! I saw Radiohead live! I can still remember as a teenager traveling to Melbourne to see a Radiohead concert (unfortunately this concert was cancelled due to Thom Yorkes illness). Radiohead are one of those defining bands and arguably the band of the 90's/00's. I have seen most of my favourite bands and Radiohead were at the top of my 'must see' list for years. So yes, I was the crazy, ecstatic dancer(sorry to anyone sitting or standing near to me:))
Radiohead have been going since the mid 80's and I am happy to report that they definitely still have it. The gig was exciting and they definitely rocked out on stage.  

Squarepusher 30th September Astra Berlin
After an awesome Radiohead Sat night we were off to Squarepusher on Sunday night. My knowledge of squarepusher was that he was an incredible bass player and being a bass player myself I thought that he would be an absolute inspiration to see live. The performance was certainly interesting and a little different to what I had expected. I made one massive 'audience' mistake. Don't stand close to the stage when there is a light show in a smallish room. Being short, I generally gravitate to the front of the stage. This was a massive mistake, I really should have researched his current work a little more. It was an absolutely blinding LED experience. Perhaps the set was built more for a festival/concert experience. 
Squarepusher is an incredibly talented musician and it gave me some insight into Acid/Drum & Bass. I am getting more and more into electronic music, however I don't feel that I will get into this style of music. I appreciate that he is experimental and pushing the boundaries but it was a little too much of a sensory overload for me. 

Check out the clip below and you can see how insane his light show is!

Squarepusher light show

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