October 22, 2012

Geometric Chrissy Joy!

Get organised and neon up your Christmas! Spread the Christmas cheer with some unique handmade Chrissy cards:)
So why did I decide to make Christmas cards?
Well, I am a sucker for Christmas. I always get excited about making presents for family and friends. I took this love a little further this year by drawing different Christmas trees and converting them ready for screen printing. I created blue, neon red, neon lime green and neon pink geometric little trees:)
As with every Fickle Sense product, materials used within each item are carefully selected. All cards are made with 100% recycled paper. The paints are locally sourced and are water soluable.
So, head over to the Fickle Sense Shop to grab your very own 8 pack or 4 pack of cards and spread the geometric joy!

1 comment:

  1. I love these card!! &your etsy shop, everything is so simple and cool, and i'm a sucker geometric shapes :) Keep up the great work!

    xo the garage gypsy

    ps. i just posted a lookbook video that you should check out if you have a moment :))