October 02, 2014

DIY Wedding : Making your own Wedding Cake Toppers: Crocheting & Sewing

Having lived away from Australia, we really wanted to incorporate our love for our country into the wedding. So we added a number of Australian elements. Lammingtons are a cake which originated in Australia.... though it may have come from New Zealand.... no one truly knows, so for the moment I am just going to state that they are apart of my childhood and they are certainly a homely cake. I wanted to make these lamingtons for the wedding, but we were short of time so we had the lamingtons made from a local bakery, Bread Craft. They tasted wonderful and they were a great price.

For the cake toppers I used my Creepy Cute Crochet book as inspiration and used the basic head and body pattern.  


I crocheted the four balls and attached the hair for each. It was fun styling the hair. It made me feel like a hair dresser:)

Crocheting and Sewing
I made the glasses out of polyclay and sewed them on the grooms head, along with the eyes and smiling mouths. I used the fabric from my dress and Michael's suit to create the miniature outfits.

The Cake Stand
I wanted to be creative with the stand and most importantly it had to be cost efficient. Mum and dad had recently done some work in the garden and they had some left over wood in the garden. So I collected these pieces and arranged them on this table and finished it off with some doilies.

The Tumbled Lamingtons
I actually did not know how we were going to present the lamintons on the stand. My mothers artist friend, Jane, got to work on the wedding night and it just turned out perfectly! Mum added more Australian quirks to it by adding the eucalyptus to the presentation. I LOVE this cake! It was so bloody aussie!

There we have it! Our Australian Wedding Cake with cute handmade cake toppers!


  1. Wow, at first I kept looking for the cake, then I realized it was those furry looking blue-grey squares. Now I'm really curious, what makes them look like that and what is in them? Love the mini-yous!

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