May 23, 2014

UPDATE: My progress with the Fickle Sense knitted shorts. I need help!

Here is the update on the Fickle Sense knitted shorts......

Short Front
I have committed the most basic of knitting crimes... I have run out of yarn. I had the idea of knitting this second pair of shorts a few years ago and since then the yarn that I bought is discontinued:( I have visited all of the yarn stores in Berlin and have searched the net..... with no luck:( I think I only need one more ball of yarn. Can anyone help?

Yarn: GGH, Big Easy. Colour: royal blue #18. 

At the moment the current solution is to start the ribbed waistband with a yarn of the same size (5-6) and similar colour, which I have found at the Berlin knitting store knit knit.  This version of shorts will have to be the Hip version. I will probably knit the high waisted version with another colour... thinking of knitting a  burgundy version.

Fingers crossed my solution works! 

Short Back


  1. Looks like they're coming along nicely!

  2. Man they are so cool! Bummer about the yarn - though I feel that a two tone situation could be quite fun? These actually make me wonder if perhaps maybe I could learn to knit...long way off utilising your pattern though!