January 23, 2014

TUTORIAL: Horse print on How.do

After a long few months of 'wedding adventures' I am back to my full fickle sense power! With a tutorial! 
I will be posting about my bridal party sewing ventures within the following weeks.... but for now I am sharing my love of printing through the how.do application. I am sure everyone has cottoned onto the fact that I am not that technologically inclined, however thanks to Melissa from how.do I have actually put together a tutorial through the website. The tutorial was inspired by this years Chinese New Year animal: The Horse. An array of bloggers & creatives have developed numerous 'horse' inspired tutorials. Check out the many tutorials here.

Here is the full Fickle Sense tutorial on www.how.do/guide/horse-print

HORSE PRINT a micro guide by Fickle Sense on How.Do

Click on this image to generate the free template for the tutorial.

Check out how.do and the many amazing available tutorials on their website as well as their blog. It really is a whole new world of DIYing! Anyone can create a tutorial (as long as you have an iphone.... How.do is currently in the process of opening the application to android phones, I am waiting for this, so that I can make more tutorials with the application). 


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